Earn 6-8 $ Per Day with Neobux : Tips, Strategy, Tricks & Secrets

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Looking for Neobux Tips, Neobux Tricks, Neobux Secrets, Neobux Success Strategy, Neobux Referral to Earn $6-8 Per Day. Here you can learn How standard member could possibly earn $6-8 per day in your next 6-8 months & that too by working just 10-15 minutes a day.

Here, The best thing is that it’s Free. You don’t have to spend money in that. It’s possible without any investment. Just you need is consistency and patience. Here is the opportunity to make some extra money online by clicking advertisement and Completing simple task.

What is Neobux?

NeoBux is a PTC (Paid to Click) site where users get Paid to click and watching advertisements. Hope you heard something about it. It works just like any other PTC site, You get paid for each advertisement you click or visit. You need to keep the advertisements open for 30 seconds & you are not allowed to view multiple advertisements at once.

NeoBux is a Free & Worldwide service available in a different language environment.


How much can I earn from Neobux?

It’s Simple If you work Daily you Earn More. Simply Just Do the diligent work and get more benefits. The cash every client procures shifts between the client’s participation, the sort and amount of notices the client has seen, The quantity of referrals the client and the quantity of ads those referrals see.

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Factually, individuals come up short with these sorts of destinations. For the most part since they are not patient or they need to procure rapidly. Therefore, they quit and pick some other cash making strategies. Inevitably they come up short.

After a few successfully months, you should be able to make at least $20 per day.

If you are New on Neobux.

Join NeoBux Now

It’s completely free and takes only 1-2 minutes of your time to Sign up.

Best Strategy to Increase your Income on Neobux?

You can easily increase your income by increasing the number of your rented referrals. But you do not need money for that. Referrals are people whom you refer to Neobux site. You can directly refer someone to Neobux or you can rent them to work for you.

In NeoBux, there are two kinds of referrals

1. Rented referrals : These users registered using your username as their referrer.

2. Direct referrals : You rented them. (Work for you)

Tip : We are using Direct Referrals.


Calculation of Earning…

If you are Standard Member

Here you can earn $0.005 per click of your referrals.

– 3 rented referrals: $0.005 x 4 x 3 = $0.06 (Per day)
– 25 rented referrals: $0.005 x 4 x 25 = $0.50 (Per day)
– 50 rented referrals: $0.005 x 4 x 50 = $1 (Per day)
– 100 rented referrals: $0.005 x 4 x 100 = $2 (Per day)
– 300 rented referrals: $0.005 x 4 x 300 = $6 (Per day)

Note : Standard Member can Rent Maximum 300 Referrals.

So here Standard Member can also Earn $6 Per Day, $42 Per week & $180 Per Month…

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If you are Golden Member

Here you can earn $0.01 per click of your referrals.

– 50 rented referrals : $0.01 x 4 x 50 = $2 (Per day)
– 100 rented referrals: $0.01 x 4 x 100 = $4 (Per day)
– 1000 rented referrals: $0.01 x 4 x 1000 = $40 (Per day)
– 2000 rented referrals: $0.01 x 4 x 2000 = $80 (Per day)

Note : Golden Member can Rent Maximum 2000 Referrals.

So here Golden Member can also Earn $80 Per Day, $560 Per week & $2400 Per Month…


Now Do Steps by Step Start Earning


1. After Successfully SignUp, Start clicking ads everyday & Don’t miss out single one.

2. You need minimum 100 clicks so you can start getting direct referrals.

3. Now you have earned $0.60 Rent your first 3 referrals.

0.001 (Per Ad) x 5 (Ads Day) x 120 (Days) = Total $0.60

4. Once you have rented your 3 referrals, turn Autopay on. This option is available from the referrals listed menu.

(Referrals cost $0.30 a month to maintain. But don’t worry you don’t want to pay for the referrals. They will pay for themselves as long as the Autopay is on. For Standard members earn 0.005 per click from each rented referrals.)

 – 0.005 (Per Ad) x 4 (Ads a Day) x 3 (Referrals) = $0.06 (Per day)

5. Now keep renting referrals by increments of 3 or more whenever you have enough balance to rent new referral.

So, repeat this process until you have 300 referrals. This will take a few months to achieve, may be a slight more sometimes.

Your Earning will be…

0.005 (Per Ad) x 4 (Ads a Day) x 300 (Referrals) = $6 (Per day)

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So, Now you are earning Easily $6.00 Per Day



Want to Double your Earning…

When you complete your 300 active referrals, Now just stop renting referrals, Just maintain referrals you already have. Once you have $90 in your account balance use it to upgrade to Golden membership.

As a Golden member your referral earnings will be double. Now, You will make 0.01 per referral click instead of 0.005. You will Also get 0.01 on your own clicks instead of 0.001.

Just see below calculation after activation of Golden Membership

Your Clicks

0.01 (Per Ad) x 10 (Ads a Day) = $0.10 (Per Day)

Your Referral clicks

0.01 (Per Ad) x 4 (Ads a Day) x 500 Referrals = $20 (Per Day)

Total Earning Will be

$20 (Per Day) + $0.10 (Per Day) = $20.10 (Per Day)


Now the decision is yours. Don’t think. Take action now.

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