Top 11 Best Luggage Brands in India

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Looking for Best Luggage Brands in India, than you are came at Right Place to Find Perfect Luggage Brand according to your Need & Budget.

When you travel longer and do not cut carry-on bags, then a good quality check bag is a necessity. Some checked bags give lots of pockets to keep wafers in order, while others have large main compartments to load all your gear – just keep in mind that the weight limit of the airlines is different. Checked goods come in both hard and soft shell cases and many also include TSA-friendly locking systems to keep items safe. With the option of so many things, see which checked bags are below our favorites – you are perfect for your next adventure.

There are many accessories brands in India that promise to fulfill the needs of every person, but some have worked really hard to reach the top 10 position in 2019. Here our list includes luggage in various price ranges, ordered from low- to high-investment, with an emphasis on durability, function and style.

With so many options on the market today, deciding between the best accessories brands can be a challenge. The best identification of anything involves personal taste and style, and so it is with the best luggage brands.

List of Top 11 Best Luggage Brands In India

1) American Tourister Luggage Bags

American Tourister Luggage Bags

American Tourist Bags Top in Our List. So with a strong round of applause, try to figure out why it is at the summit location. With super-huge and highly robust designs with secure zippers and TSA lock, it has 4 wheel spinner features which make it its own.

Being available from affordable to high class, it can be caught by anyone without compromising quality. From a long journey plan to a small weekend gateway it can be used. With American tourists on your behalf, you own the highest prize for your travel plans.

2) Skybags Luggage Bags

Skybags Luggage Bags

This is one of the flagship brands of VIP Group. There is a good possibility among the youth due to good looks and good quality in this brand. With cool and trendy design, on the outer coat skiagge, unlike the color pattern, graphics has kept the standard luggage luggage in the market quite high. Almost all the Skybags are of very light weight and come with textures.

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Skybags were the first person to present the concept of stylish looking luggage bags. No wonder it has become a favorite option of the nation’s youth. While providing a classy, ​​trendy, cool but elegant design, Skybags has not compromised the basic requirements while producing luggage bags. With high quality finishing, strong, light weight and 4 wheel spinners make it a trendsetter brand in the bag industry.

3) VIP Luggage Bags

VIP Luggage Bags

VIP Industries Ltd is the world’s second-largest and Asia’s largest manufacturing company based in Mumbai. With VIP baggage bags, we traveled from north to south, from east to west, without any fear of our luggage.

They include a wide range of luggage bags compared to partner competitors, which can be used when selecting your choice. Only after a rigorous test for zippers, handles and wheels, the bags come in the market, so VIPs can also trust the luggage bags. The company manufactures plastic molded suitcases, handbags, briefcases, vanity cases and accessories. It acquired the UK brand carlton in 2004. This company mainly offers its products under VIP, Futlose, Carlton, Aristocrat, Alpha, Skybag and Buddy brand.

4) Safari Luggage Bags

Safari Luggage Bags

The safari industry began to manufacture plastic molded goods in 1974. Today the company manufactures hard and soft goods and its manufacturing unit in Halol in Gujarat. These bags are really hardy and can wear and wear tears. They are perfect for any person running continuously.

This is a good suitcase, trolley or backpack for your future trip. The name Safari comes from the Swahili word for the trip and the company’s mission is to make the excellent travel product which makes the journey of every customer the best possible. This black thorium polycarbonate suitcase is light and hard. With four wheels, a number lock and retractable it is perfect for frequent travelers.

5) Samsonite Luggage Bags

Samsonite Luggage Bags

Samsonite has since established a record since its inception. It has made its mark in more than 130 countries and has been successful in becoming one of the most preferred brands across the globe. High-quality, which can pass through all the stress while traveling, wear and tear or high-grade finishing; You name it and they have it.

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It is highly flexible and easy to carry, it has some features that make it popular. Nonetheless, with so many brands coming out and going out in the market, Samsonite has been able to maintain its position with its top notch products. It was exclusivity, high quality experience with travel transport, to pay attention to the service, even the stuff was used to keep the same stuff. Samsonite stuff comes from various types of texture, in various textures such as finishing, design, pattern, which are both light weight and durable.

6) Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Bags

Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Bags

Tommy Hilfiger is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures upper-market products. Tommy bags are very easy to carry and comfortable, which is possible with its quick release strap system. The unique part of Tommy Hilfiger baggage bags is a quick release strap system which is extremely useful. In addition to creepy accessories, apples and perfumes are touching another height with the honor of Tommy Hilfiger baggage bags.

Style statement and ongoing fashion trend, the company continues to latch the bags of goods according to the customer’s choice and likes, which are strong and stylish. With its reach in more than 30 countries, Tommy Hilfiger got 6th rank in our list of top 10 luggage bags in India. This bag comes in different colors and different sizes. You can take this bag near your market and it is also available online.

7) Reebok Luggage Bags

Reebok Luggage Bags

Reebok is one of the most famous company and you know that this company also produces shoes which runs for a very long time and from that the company also makes a bag of luggage and this is also a final loan because this bag is made of special materials. And it comes in various designs and it is water proof and comes in very bright colors.

Reebok has very stylish and durable luggage bags, Reebok has become one of the favorites, especially for those who prefer to get a big brand name with their property. Reebok comes with highly comfortable, detachable straps to move around the bag, so that anyone can use them according to the need.

8) Victorinox Luggage Bags

Victorinox Luggage Bags

Victorinox was founded in 1884 by Carl Alsenar. Living with almost all of your belongings, Victorinux luggage is light in weight, hard, strong and easy to carry. All the contents used internally are completely queued This bag has stability and strength. This bag comes in various designs and colors. This bag gives time ranging from 5 to 6 years and this bag is never old because it makes with high quality material. This bag is very light and its size is huge and it is also used by businessmen.

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Victorinox bags are designed with Light in Wet, which is strong with high stability and Victorinox bags are easy to carry and are stylish with every passing day. Once you have a Victorinox baggage bag from your side, you can completely relax and loose. With the necessary flexibility in the material, the bags can accommodate all your belongings and can be expanded in case you have some extra things.

9) Tumi Luggage Bags


Tumi was founded in 1975, Tumi Holdings Inc is located in New Jersey, United States. The company was created by Charlie Clifford and it is known for high end accessories and other products. Suitcase has leather detailing, four wheels, telescopic handles and 44 liters capacity.

Tumi is famous for the best class of bags worldwide and Tumi Bag is one of the most authentic companies. It has got the first opportunity to present soft and multi-functional travel bags in the past which was enough to grab all the attention of the buyers. To date, it is working to get involved in all the latest innovations and updates for the current trends. Being strong and light at the same time is the primary goal of Tumi Bag and undoubtedly it has managed to be one.

10) Delsey Luggage Bags


Delsey is a French company that manufactures accessories and travel goods. It has expertise in the accessories industry for 70 years. This French brand offers an intuitive sense of style and durability in its baggage bag.

Delsey is synonymous with luxury in Top Noch brand travel gear. Delcissi has a broad network of distribution channels in more than 110 countries including India. There are also double inline skate wheels at Delsi and retractable handles make it very easy to move.

11) Hartmann Luggage Bags


Hartmann is a manufacturer of accessories and leather goods which was established in 1877. Travel has evolved over time, so traveling bags are smooth to carry from primitive trunk suitcases to today’s jetliners, which this brand understands well. Hartman has been recognized as a good quality, the company is known for its distinctive collection of items like Wings and Tweed, which are related to traditional American style.

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