(Top 10) Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in India (September 2023)

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Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in India with Price 2023

Are you looking for the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in india? Read through this article we have included top 10 Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in india with price.

As you know, The Ceiling fan is the most used Electrical appliance in each and every house. Talking of which ceiling fan is one such option that can’t be changed with something no matter whether or not you also have AC or not. Here you can look into the style, colour, design, and some other aesthetics of the fan along with your budget.

Primarily based on our personal expertise as well as expert opinions, we talk about in this article about the perfect ceiling fans in India and the necessary points to consider while buying one.

Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in India September 2023

Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in India 2023

Let’s have a look at Top 10 Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in India.

Shop for your top ceiling fan brands on best store with the help of the pricelist below which shows the best prices to buy ceiling fans in India.

1) Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

The Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm 80-watt Ceiling Fan has an 80-watt motor that spins at 385 RPM and delivers 240 cubic metres of air per minute. It has a 100% copper motor, which means it will last longer and function more smoothly. For a broader air spread, it has aerodynamically built blades with a high lift angle. It is protected from dust, oil, and water by Novel Silane Paint Technology.

2) Crompton Hill Briz 1200 mm High Speed Ceiling Fan

The Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan features a strong motor with 100 percent copper windings for long-lasting performance. It has a high RPM of 370 and runs at a rapid pace, ensuring appropriate air distribution throughout the room. It has two ball bearings that assure a smooth functioning. The body is made of aluminium, and the blades are powder coated to prevent corrosion.

3) Crompton Aura 1200 mm High Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan

Crompton’s Aura 1200mm Ceiling Fan features a 100% copper winding and double ball bearings for longer life. It is composed of aluminium, which protects the fan from rust and corrosion while also ensuring its longevity. It can deliver 230 cubic metres of air per minute at 380 revolutions per minute. It features a metallic finish and a modern style. It has a two-piece design that assures quiet operation so you may sleep well.

4) Crompton Aura 1200 mm High Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan

The Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm Ceiling Fan is powered by a low-energy BLDC motor. It has a 220 cubic metre per minute air delivery system. The BLDC motor also ensures that the fan operates quietly and without humming. It has inverter stabilisation technology, which allows it to operate consistently even when voltages vary. It comes with a smart remote that lets you turn it on with a single button press and adjust the speed and modes.

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5) Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan

The Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan has a 70-Watt motor with pure electrolytic grade copper windings wire for a longer lifespan. It has a rotational speed of 380 RPM and a capacity of 220 cubic metres per minute. To ensure efficient heat dissipation, the motor works at a fast speed. It has a high-gloss paint finish on a non-corrosive high-grade aluminium body.

6) Havells 1200mm Ceiling Fan

This High Speed Ceiling Fan has a painted finish and gorgeous designs that make it look trendy and luxurious. It’s ideal for the living room or home office, and it elevates the interior design of your home to new heights. It has 1,200mm blades that generate a lot of wind.

7) Crompton High Speed Ceiling Fan

This is an Attractive Decorative Ceiling Fan that adds to the charm of your living room or bedroom. It features a 1200mm blade and rotates at 380 RPM. It contains two ball bearings that provide outstanding performance while reducing noise. Even on low voltage, this ceiling fan spins at a high pace.

8) Havells Ambrose 1200mm Ceiling Fan

The metallic paint finish of the Havells Ambrose 1200mm Ceiling Fan is accented by a decorative ring in the centre. It has a 238 cubic metre per minute air supply rate and a broad sweep area of 65 square feet to 100 square feet. It has a two-tone colour scheme and exotic blade trims that give it a luxury appearance.

9) Crompton High Speed Ceiling Fan

This brown ceiling fan has a traditional appearance. It boasts 48-inch powder coated blades that are dynamically balanced and spin at a top speed of 370 RPM. It contains two ball bearings and a copper motor to deliver powerful air to every nook and cranny of the room while producing minimal noise. It runs at a fast speed for many years and comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

10) Orient Electric Ceiling Fan

This is a high-performance ceiling fan with a 370rpm motor that lasts a long time with copper wiring. With a 200 m3/min air delivery, the blades are ribbed and have unique angles. It is built in such a way that it allows more air in even when the voltage is low. It also works effectively on inverter power in the event of a power outage. It is suitable for both the bedroom and the living room.

11) Atomberg 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

This is an attractive ceiling fan that you can also operate with a remote control. You can turn it on, off, or change the speed with the remote. With the remote, you can also set a timer. It boasts high-performance 1200 mm blades and uses only 28 Watts of power. You may run an inverter ceiling fan for three times as long as a regular ceiling fan.

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Buying Guide for Ceiling Fans in India

However, this can be very important to decide on the best size but well-constructed ceiling fan which can make your house temperature comfortable and this way improve the circulation which is actually needed on a regular basis.

Being one of the more power-consuming home equipment in a typical home, aspects like energy consumption, blade size, room size, price range, and many others are some important factors.

Number of Fan Blades

The number of blades in a fan impacts its effectivity. Whereas three or four-blade fans are most prevalent in India, you would possibly come throughout a five-blade fan as well.

A better number of blades implies a lesser air circulation however a quieter operation. However, it is advisable to check that the blades have a low drag shape which helps in increasing the air circulation efficiency.

Most fans include three blades, it’s the frequent number for ceiling fans. Three blades present high quality air circulation. Not too long ago, ceiling fan manufacturers have launched 4 blades fans in the market as well.

4 blade fans are also becoming common these days. You’ll be able to even find ceiling fans with 5 blades. The fans with more blades make less noise. But the air circulation is less as well. The shape of the blades additionally makes a difference in air circulation.

Blade Pitch

A flat blade won’t generate any air circulation. Thus, you’ll not really feel any cooling or air movement within the room. Predominantly, an angle of about twelve to fifteen degrees is right for proper air circulation. Any angle greater than this puts pressure on the fan motor and thus increases your electricity bills payments.

Room Size

No matter how spectacular the specifications of a ceiling fan is, it will be worthless if the fan sweep-size and your room size don’t match. Fan sweep size basically is the diameter of the circle covered by the fan when the blades are in motion.

Thus, you could select a fan which is specified to circulate air in your room size and its ceiling height to make sure maximum circulation of air.

Fan Sweep Size

As a rule, 24 inches fan sweep size works for room lower than 35 sq. ft; 35 inches sweep for room size as much as 65 sq. ft; 47 inches sweep for room size as much as 100 sq. ft and 55 inches for room size as much as 225 sq. ft. Any room greater than this size would need two or more fans for proper air circulation.

The sweep size varies from 900 mm to 1500 mm. The most typical sweep size is 1200 mm or 48 inches. It’s the diameter of the circle covered by the fan when in movement.

For a small room, you should buy a ceiling of sweep size 900mm. For a medium-sized room of 75 – 100 square toes, the sweet size should be round 1050 mm. For any average room of 100 – 130 square feet, sweep size should around be 1200.

Additionally, the place of the ceiling fan should be adjusted as per the size of the room.

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Controls and Accessories

Because of innovative technology, you can enjoy hordes of extras and luxurious features in your ceiling fan. A very common function is a light-weight kit which makes the set up of separate light within the room unnecessary.

One more feature is a remote-control operation and a pull chain operation to manage fan speeds. Anti-dust, anti-rust, etc. are some other options you could go for as per comfort.

Down Rod Length

The size of the down rod varies based on the room ceiling height. A 6 inches pole is required for a ceiling height of 9 ft whereas a 12 inches pole length serves nicely for a room of 10 ft ceiling height.

Likewise, the length of the down rod will increase by 6 inches for each foot to increase in ceiling height. The maximum length of the down rod is 60 inches which work for any room with a height of 15 ft or more.

Blade Tilt

The shape of blades can also be a crucial factor. There must be a tilt within the blades to generate circulation. The perfect tilting of blades must be between 12 – 15 degree. Tilt of blade additionally impacts the life span of the span. Greater than 15-degree tilt can put pressure on the motor.

Installation Process

The installation should be done only by a qualified person. Electricians are the most qualified professionals for the job. The ceiling fans come with an installation guide and all the instructions should be followed properly.

The installation needs to be done only by a professional person. Electricians are the most qualified professionals for the job. The ceiling fans come with setup information and all of the instructions should be followed correctly.

Location of the fan

The location depends upon the shape and size of the room. For a square-shaped room, the ceiling fan needs to be at the centre. For a big room, it’s better to install two or more fans relying on the size. If the ceiling is too high, you should use a rod to take care of the optimum distance between the ground and the fan.

Controlling Options

The traditional method to control ceiling fan is the regulator fixed on the switchboard. However at the moment remote control option is also available. Remote-controlled ceiling fans are a lot better than electronic regulators. The presence of remote control can make the operation much more ease. A person can control with out shifting from his place. Most brands provide ceiling fans with remote controls.

Budget and Different Aesthetics

Lastly, you’ll be able to look into the model, design, color and different aesthetics of the fan alongside together with your budget. Right now, you have fans available from round Rs.900 to above Rs. 7000. Anyone can choose easily within their budget range.


In this article Best High Speed Ceiling Fans 2023, we have listed the best and affordable High Speed Ceiling Fans in India. You must have decided which type of High Speed Ceiling Fan you need.

Do not forget your views and experiences on our list of ceiling fans.

If you have any questions related to the products we listed here, Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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