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Use Banksathi referral code 394107306 to sign up for the app and get a chance to earn over 1 lakh per month with zero investment! – Signup Now

When you tell your friends about Banksathi, and they join, you can make money! Banksathi is an app that gives you financial advice and offers different products to help you with your finances.

If your friend signs up and starts using Banksathi, you’ll earn 10% of the money they make, except for the initial bonus when they join. So, referring your friends can help you earn some extra cash!

BankSathi App Referral Code

Do you need help with your finances? Well, with the BankSathi app, you can easily find financial advisors using your smartphone. This app offers various services like managing your assets, getting loans, and getting payment cards, among other things. The BankSathi team understands what people today need when it comes to managing their money. They’ve created an app that connects people who know a lot about finances with those who need help.

What’s cool is that this app does two things. First, it allows people to make money by giving financial advice or solutions. Second, it lets you buy financial products, all in one place. So, you can earn money and handle your financial needs right from this app.

BankSathi Referral Code394107306
Sign UpDaily Earning
Refer & EarnRs.200 – Rs.10000
PayoutBank Account
App LinkDownload Now
EligibilityOne-time use only
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Web

Step by Step Process for BankSathi Referral Code “394107306” – Free Rs.200 Refer & Earn

Step 1: Download the BankSathi App: Get the BankSathi app by clicking on this link.

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Step 2: Open the App: Once the app is installed, open it. You can skip through the introduction.

Step 3: Provide Your Phone Number: Enter your mobile number.

Step 4: Verification Code: You’ll receive a code on your phone. Use it to log in.

Step 5: Aadhar Card Verification: Enter your Aadhar card number and verify it with the OTP sent to your Aadhar-linked mobile number.

Step 6: Personal Information: Fill in your full name and PIN code.

Step 7: Email Address and Referral Code: Enter your email address and use the BankSathi Referral Code “394107306”.

Step 8: Apply Referral Code: Make sure you apply the referral code and then proceed to fill in your details. Also, select how you want to receive your earnings in your bank account.

Step 9: Complete Your Account: The last step is to complete your account setup. Go to the Profile tab on the Home Dashboard.

Step 10: KYC Verification: For this, you’ll need to enter your PAN card number and Aadhar card number. Once you’ve done this, your KYC is complete.

Step 11: Start Earning: Go back to the Home Dashboard and start creating leads. These leads can be for various financial products like opening a Demat account, bank account, getting a credit card, debit card, or a loan.

Step 12: Complete Leads: When your friends complete these leads, you’ll earn money. You can then transfer this money directly to your bank account.

Step 13: Invite Friends: You can earn even more by inviting your friends to join. For each friend who joins, you’ll get a 10% commission on their earnings.

Join BankSathi Now, Use Code ‘394107306‘ for ₹300 Extra! – Join Now

Banksathi is real or fake?

Banksathi is a real company that has been in operation since 2017. It is a mobile app and website that allows users to earn money by sharing financial products with their network. Banksathi partners with a variety of financial institutions, including banks, NBFCs, and insurance companies.

Banksathi has been featured in several news articles and has received positive reviews from users. However, there have also been some complaints about the app, such as delayed payouts and difficulty contacting customer support.

Overall, Banksathi is a legitimate company that offers a way to earn extra money. However, it is important to be aware of the potential risks involved before using the app.

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Here are some tips for using Banksathi safely:

  • Only share financial products with people you know and trust.
  • Be careful about clicking on links in emails or messages from Banksathi.
  • Do your own research on the financial products you are sharing before recommending them to others.
  • Keep track of your earnings and payouts.
  • Contact customer support if you have any problems.

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About Banksathi

BankSathi is like a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. You can get advice on money matters and also find various financial products like credit cards, loans, debit cards, insurance, investment accounts, and more. It’s like having a digital helper that offers over 50 different financial products. You can easily compare them to see which ones are best for you.

And the best part? All these products come from well-known and trusted brands like SBI, HDFC Bank, Kotak, Yes Bank, AU Bank, Axis Bank, American Express, Standard Chartered, Paytm Money, Upstox, and many others. When it comes to handling your money, you want reliability, and that’s what BankSathi offers.

Free Demat Account to Start Your Finance Journey (Get 10% Commission) – Signup Now

If you’re good with financial stuff, you can join BankSathi as an advisor. You can earn more than one lakh rupees every month just by helping people find and use financial products, and you don’t need to invest any money upfront.

Here’s how much you can make:

  • ₹20,575 for credit card sales.
  • ₹4,425 for helping people open bank accounts.
  • ₹3,360 for assisting with Demat accounts.
  • Up to 2.5% commission for credit lines.
  • Up to 3.5% commission for personal loans.

All you have to do is download the app, sign up as a BankSathi advisor, and start using your financial knowledge to help people. You’ll get paid for the valuable advice you provide.

Every time you help someone buy a financial product, you get a commission, and that money goes straight to you right away. The best part is, you earn a big 10% of what the people you’ve connected with BankSathi are making. You can choose to have this money sent to your bank account or your Paytm wallet.

Banksathi Referral code : 394107306 (Get 10% Commission) – Signup Now

BankSathi has been around since 2011, but now more and more people in India are starting to trust online finance brands, and BankSathi is becoming well-known. It’s a legitimate platform approved by IRDAI, so you can trust it.

As a BankSathi user, you can quickly get answers to your financial questions, and the app has lots of videos to guide you on your journey, whether you’re a user or an advisor.

Banksathi Referral Program!

If you’re new to Banksathi, use my referral code “394107306” when you sign up, and you’ll get a ₹300 joining bonus.

Now, here’s your opportunity to potentially earn over ₹1 lakh every month as a financial advisor, and the best part is you don’t need to invest any money. You can also invite your friends to join Banksathi and earn an extra 10% of what they earn from their purchases.

Here’s how to invite your friends:

1. Open the app and tap on “Referral” at the bottom of the home screen.
2. Tap “Refer Now.”
3. Share your referral link through any social media platform.

As your friends start earning, you’ll receive a commission that will be added to your total balance.

So, whether you’re a new user or looking to be a financial advisor, you can do it on your terms, from anywhere, without spending a single rupee. Just remember to use the code “394107306” to get your welcome bonus if you’re new!

Step By Step Process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the BankSathi App

What is BankSathi App?

BankSathi is a mobile application that offers financial advice and allows users to access various financial products and services.

How can I download the BankSathi App?

You can download the app from your device’s app store, such as the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Is the BankSathi App free to use?

Yes, the app is usually free to download and use. However, there might be charges associated with specific financial products or services.

What services does BankSathi App offer?

BankSathi App typically offers services such as credit cards, loans, savings accounts, investment advice, and more.

How do I create an account on BankSathi App?

To create an account, download the app, follow the registration process, and provide the required information.

Is my personal information safe with BankSathi App?

BankSathi App typically employs security measures to protect your personal information. Check their privacy policy for details.

Can I apply for financial products through the BankSathi App?

Yes, you can usually apply for various financial products directly through the app.

How do I contact customer support if I have issues with the BankSathi App?

Look for a “Contact Us” or “Support” section within the app to get in touch with customer support.

Can I link my existing bank accounts to BankSathi App?

Depending on the app’s features, you may be able to link your existing bank accounts for easier financial management.

Is BankSathi App available in multiple languages?

Check the app’s settings or language options to see if it supports multiple languages.

Can I earn money using the BankSathi App?

Yes, some users can earn money by referring friends or providing financial advice through the app.

Are the financial products on BankSathi App from reputable institutions?

Typically, BankSathi partners with recognized and trustworthy financial institutions to offer their products.

What are the minimum system requirements to use BankSathi App?

Ensure your device meets the app’s system requirements for a smooth experience.

How do I apply for a job or become a financial advisor on BankSathi App?

Look for career or advisor opportunities within the app or on their website and follow the application process.

Is there a referral program on BankSathi App?

Some versions of the app have referral programs where you can invite friends and earn rewards for successful referrals.

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