Are Realme Buds Air 3 Good to Buy?

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Are you looking to buy Realme Buds Air 3? What are the Reasons to Buy the realme Buds Air 3? Do you have question like this than you came at right place.

What is special in these earbuds of Realme and how is their performance works.

Realme, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has released the Realme Buds Air 2 in India. How was our experience with these earphones after using them for a while? Find out in this review.

The Realme Buds Air 3 has a similar design to its original, though there are minor differences. The Realme branding will be visible on the top of the transparent plastic cover of the buds, which looks beautiful and makes it a bit unique.

Realme Buds Air 3 Design

The earbuds themselves are small and light, fitting comfortably in most ears. I would have preferred a soft-touch material rather the slick plastic construction. Despite the earbuds’ glossy plastic exterior, they fit comfortably and securely, despite their lack of an ear fin. Even when I shook my head violently, they didn’t fall out (enough to cause a neck sprain). Its fit will not be an issue for gym-goers or runners. For persons who live an active lifestyle, the IPX5 grade is a plus.

Colors and Variety

I reviewed the blue colour variety, and the firm supplied this item with my name written on it. Neither too heavy nor too light is the case. A USB Type C port may be found at the bottom of the case.

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The case pops open and can be opened and closed with the same hand. The middle has an LED light that comes in useful during pairings. On the right side of the casing is the pairing button.

When it comes to the buds, they are easy to insert and do not hurt the ears. It’s also possible to change the silicone tip. The size and form are good, and the stem is more comfortable. The buds are simple to put on and remove from the container, and the magnetic tip allows them to fit securely into the box.

Is Realme buds waterproof?

Splash resistance means they won’t be impacted by exercise, rain, or even splashes of water, and they came with a companion app for even more capabilities. However, as previously said, there are other factors that make these a deal-breaker for the Buds Q.

Realme Buds Air 3 Performances

Connecting these Reality earphones to your phone is a snap. Using the pairing button, you can couple it with your phone or another Bluetooth device.

Dual microphones have been fitted in both earphones, and active noise cancellation is also supported. The good news is that these earbuds can be used with two devices simultaneously.

The buds also have touch controls that allow you to adjust the volume, pause playback, and turn on or off active noise cancellation. The Realme Link app also allows you to personalise the touch controls. Its touch control is responsive, and it is simple to use in everyday situations.

The earphones are comfortable to use, although they have a tendency to slip out while I run. Even if you keep it in your ears for a long time, it won’t hurt you, but if you don’t use the appropriate silicone tip, it can hurt your ears.

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When it comes to audio quality, the manufacturer has used 10mm dynamic drivers. These speakers are ideal for this market and provide excellent sound. Although the basis is not the best, there will be no reduction in volume.

Whatever the basis is, it must not interfere with the audio. The sound is balanced and the mids are quite good. You may also adjust the sound profile of these buds using the Reality Link app. Balanced, Base Boost Plus, and Bright are some of the options. The default mode proved to be the best in these cases. If you prefer greater bass, you can use the base boost option.

Conclusion: Realme Buds Air 3

The Realme Buds Air 3 costs Rs 4,000. Buds is the name for this mid-range category. Good features have been included, including active noise suppression and wireless charging, as well as 10mm dynamic drivers.

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