Amazon Year End Quiz Answers Added

Q: 1 Which author, cited for ‘novels of great emotional force’, won the Nobel Prize in Literature 2017?
Answer: Kazuo Ishiguro

Q: 2 Which movie became India’s selection to the Oscars?
Answer: Newton

Q: 3 Which of these is NOT a film released in 2017?
Answer: Inside Out

Q: 4 What did the United Nations General Assembly designate 2017 as?
Answer: The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

Q: 5 In the Chinese calendar 28 January 2017 to 15 February 2018 is the year of..?
Answer: Rooster

Q: 6 Which beauty pageant did Manushi Chillar win in 2017?
Answer: Miss World

Q: 7 Which of these is NOT an Amazon Exclusive phone launched in 2017?
Answer: Nokia 1100

Q: 8 Which is these was NOT a team that played in the Indian Premier League 2017?
Answer: Kochi Tuskers Kerala


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